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Monday - Saturday from 08:00 till 23:00

Sunday's from 09:00 till 20:00

About Us

The brasserie is open throughout the day, from breakfast in the morning through to lunch and dinner in the evening. “We are called a brasserie, but we are also very proud of our dinner menu that offers guests a mix of authentic Dutch cuisine with a modern twist and worldly dishes,” says Marja Koppen one of the owners at De Joffers. Our daughter Suzanne and compagnon Sanne are taking over the business. “We are a family business where passion is paramount, and this is what our guests love about us.”

The brasserie has a seasonal menu, which changes four times a year. Where possible, the ingredients are organic and always of the highest quality. “In autumn we have many game dishes on the menu such as wild boar and guinea fowl. But we also serve Dutch classics such as beef stews and more cosmopolitan meals like cataplana fish stew,” she says. Brasserie De Joffers has a heated terrace area that is perfect for a drink or a meal outside, even in autumn time. Every week, it also organises a special ‘Dutch Night’ either on Mondays or Tuesdays when authentic dishes from the Netherlands are served.



Parisian flair in Amsterdam Named after a late 19th century female painters collective from Amsterdam, the brasserie De Joffers breathes the same sophisticated, bohemian atmosphere as its name sake artists. The brasserie is located in a stylish building, reminiscent of Paris with mirrored walls and beautifully decorated high ceilings, making your dining experience even more extraordinary.De Joffers opened 25 years ago. Since then, the area of Amsterdam Oud Zuid has slowly transformed, with the brasserie squarely at its heart. To this day, it is both popular with locals, business people as well as tourists. Koppen adds: “Oud Zuid has become a great area for shopping with many wonderful luxury boutiques on leafy streets. It’s the perfect place to experience the real Amsterdam while escaping the masses in the centre.” This summer two Joffers making a return visit to the brasserie, in the form of artworks. The works, one by Lizzy Ansingh and the other by Marie van Regteren Altena will be on display to guests. “The Joffers are still a very well-known group of impressionist painters and it’s really exciting to show these two works.”


Looking for a job?

At Joffers you work in a beautiful environment with a dynamic team. We are attach value to quality, good atmosphere, experience, flexibility, commitment and being representative. Brasserie Joffers is a medium sized restaurant with 50 seats inside and 40 seats outside. Its established near the Vondelpark at Amsterdam Old South. We are open 8 am in the morning till 11 pm in the evening. Our guests can enjoy breakfast, lunch, afternoon tea or dinner.




Willemsparkweg 163,
1071 GZ Amsterdam,

Phone: 020-6730360


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